Boston Alternative Energy Facility is a state-of-the-art power-generation plant which will lead the way in land-based renewable power across the UK.

This national significant infrastructure project, backed by Alternative Use Boston Projects Ltd, a privately-owned project company, will generate 102MW* of renewable energy, of which 80MW* will be exported to the National Grid and the rest will be used by the facility.

Electricity will be generated in a secure, clean and affordable way.

What will happen at the Boston Alternative Energy Facility?

The process by which power will be generated is Advanced Thermal Conversion using energy from waste (EfW). This process will use a fuel (or feedstock) called Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). The RDF consists of non-recyclable household waste pre-processed to remove the recyclates at source.

The RDF will arrive baled on ships to the Boston Alternative Energy Facility from UK ports. This will minimise road traffic movements to and from the site.

The proposed site at the Riverside Industrial Estate in Boston is adjacent to the Haven – and is within an area allocated for industrial development by the local planning authority – so is the ideal location.

* MW per hour equivalent

Latest News

Phase Four Feedback Summary

Feedback from Phase Four of the Boston Alternative Energy Facility pre-application consultation has been collated and analysed. Two webinars were held to consult with local community members during Phase Four consultation. These were attended by three people. An online survey was available during the consultation and this was completed by five consultees. We are grateful...

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Phase Four consultation

We are holding a further round of informal consultation from 10 August until 10 September 2020 which provides an opportunity to update stakeholders, residents and businesses about proposed changes to the scheme, in particular the proposal that the Facility will move away from using gasification technology to more traditional thermal treatment energy from waste technology....

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