Our proposals

The proposed development includes:

  • a wharf with cranes and three berthing points: two for receiving RDF deliveries and one for loading aggregate manufactured on-site;
  • conveyors for transferring the incoming RDF bales to the RDF shredder and fuel bunker;
  • an overflow contingency storage area to temporarily store the incoming RDF bales if the bunker is full, including quarantine area and rebaling facility for damaged bales;
  • a bale-splitting facility to split the bales open then the contents are transferred to an RDF bunker holding approximately four days of RDF supply for the thermal treatment process;
  • three-line thermal treatment facility using energy-from-waste units and steam turbine generators that will generate power, which will then be exported to the National Grid via an onsite grid connection and substation;
  • ash processing facility to remove ferrous metal (for offsite recycling), then the remaining ash will be ground to a fine particle size then conveyed to the lightweight aggregate facility;
  • a lightweight aggregate manufacturing plant to process the residues from the thermal treatment process into an aggregate product;
  • two carbon capture units, allowing a proportion of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the thermal treatment facility to be captured and converted to high grade CO2 for off-site industrial use;
  • a storage area for loading of the lightweight aggregate onto a ship for removal from the site; and
  • associated infrastructure (including the visitor centre, car parking, onsite roads, site surfacing, site security, fencing and site control centre) and welfare facilities.

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