Our proposals

The proposed development includes:

  • a wharf and associated infrastructure (including re-baling facility, workshop, transformer pen and welfare facilities);
  • an RDF (refused-derived fuel) bale contingency storage area, including sealed drainage, with automated crane system for transferring bales;
  • conveyor system running in parallel to the wharf between the RDF storage area and the RDF bale shredding plant. Part of the conveyor system is open and part of it is under cover (including thermal cameras);
  • bale shredding plant;
  • RDF bunker building;
  • Thermal Treatment plant comprising three nominal 34 MWe combustion lines (circa 120 MWth) and associated ductwork and piping, transformer pens, diesel generators, three stacks, ash silos and ash transfer network, and air pollution control residues (APCr) silo and transfer network;
  • turbine plant comprising steam turbine generators, make-up water facility and associated piping and ductwork;
  • air-cooled condenser structure, transformer pen and associated piping and ductwork;
  • Lightweight aggregate (LWA) manufacturing plant comprising four kiln lines, two filter banks with stacks, storage silos for incoming ash, APCr, and binder material (clay and silt), a dedicated berthing point at the wharf, silt storage and drainage facility, clay storage and drainage facility, LWA workshop, interceptor tank, LWA control room, aggregate storage facility and plant for loading aggregate / offloading clay or silt;
  • electrical export infrastructure;
  • two carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plants and associated infrastructure, including chiller units; and
  • associated site infrastructure, including site roads, pedestrian routes, car parking, site workshop and storage, security gate, control room with visitor centre and site weighbridge.

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