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What’s important about the Boston Alternative Energy Facility?

  • The facility will process one million tonnes of refuse derived fuel (RDF – which is derived from non-recyclable household waste), generating enough power for more than 185,000 homes (equivalent to over 60% of the households in Lincolnshire)
  • It will provide investment for the region’s economy; we expect it to create up to 300 jobs during the construction phase and around 80 jobs when operational
  • The UK has a target of generating at least 15% of energy from renewable sources, including energy from waste**, by 2020. The facility will contribute to this target when built
  • It will mean that one million tonnes of RDF could be processed here out of the three million tonnes the UK currently sends abroad – so the UK benefits from generating energy rather than continental Europe
  • Recovering energy from non-recyclable material is far better than it being sent to landfill

** The Government defines technologies such as gasification as ‘renewables’ in policy EN-3

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