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The Boston Alternative Energy Facility will be developed and funded by Alternative Use Boston Projects Ltd (AUBP) (the ‘Applicant’). AUBP is a privately-owned project company.

The company team has been involved in industrial development at the site in Boston, Lincolnshire since 2004. In March 2005 planning consent was obtained for a Special & Clinical Waste Processing Plant, with conditions discharged and construction started. In 2010 planning permission was obtained for a 12MWe Gasification Power Station (Boston Biomass Plc) that would process waste wood. This facility is currently undergoing commissioning and is close to completion (as at June 2018).

AUBP has future aspirations for the site, following the development of the Boston Alternative Energy Facility, that includes carbon capture, where the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the facility would be captured to deliver high grade CO2 for industrial use.

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